Finnegan Count Smooshie Tushie

i, I’m Finn! My full name is Finnegan Count Smooshie Tushie, but only my hoomans call me that… and usually only when I’m in trouble! I graduated from K9 Rescue Academy in March 2018 and got my hooman rescue assignments. They’re a pawful, but I’ve come to love them.

I’ve been sending weekly reports back to academy headquarters since my assignment began. I give updates on my progress training the hoomans and my observations of their strange rituals. I have one hairy hooman called daddy and one squishy hooman called mommy. I’m a Vizsla-Beagle mix with some Pittie thrown in for extra pizazz. Vizsla’s (veeeezsluuuuh) are majestic Hungarian royalty, so please treat me accordingly. My hoomans say I’m best known for my intensity of emotion, dramatic expression of my emotion, and having in general, a lot of strong emotions. I think they’re just whiners! #ImPerfect

I can’t wait to share more of my reports and as my hoomans say, “finnanegans” with you! Over and out!

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