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If you’d like a custom-inscribed pawtographed copy, please go to the shop here. These books make fabulous gifts and inspire kids to read more. Finn’s humor is funny and irreverent with a great mix of adult and kid-level humor. Please be aware that the word “Hell” appears in book one (a reference to Dante’s Inferno).

Click here to help your child submit their writing challenge, illustrating challenge and/or coloring page picture. Finn will reply with some encouragement and fun!

Schools & Teachers:

Finn and I would be happy to connect virtually to inspire your students! Contact me about the different ways we use multi-media methods to motivate students to consider being a creator (author, illustrator, photographer, artist and more), understand more about creating personas and storylines, learn about the publishing industry, and hear about kids just like them who’ve written and published award-winning books. Along the way they’ll even learn about dog rescue and how to interact safely with dogs. Just drop me a note to start a conversation about what would work best for your students. If you’re in an underprivileged or underrepresented community school, I will gladly waive my honorarium fee.

Lexile Ratings:

The Finn Chronicles: Year One: 810L-1000L

The Finn Chronicles: Year Two: 810L-1000L

How to Train Your Hooman, A Field Guide: 810L-1000L

I had the AMAZING opportunity to work with Ms Romack aka “the squishy one” for our Great American Teach In. I work at Hillsborough Virtual School in Tampa, Florida and teach 1st grade. I contacted Ms Romack and she was so easy to have communication back and forth with to set up a live zoom for our first grade students. The students ABSOLUTELY loved it!! She was wonderful at asking and answering all their questions. She and Finn did a great job!  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!!

I highly recommend her books. My 7 year old daughter loves reading them in the car to us on our way to the beach. Very entertaining and hilarious!!!

Holly Brown, 1st grade teacher , Hillsborough Virtual School

I’ve participated in nearly 20 Great American Teach In events as an elementary school teacher, and I have to say that 2020 was one of the best yet. Why? Because we were fortunate enough to book Gwen Romack for an author talk for a virtual session, and the students were delighted. Gwen was naturally engaging and the students delighted in the interactive format. No matter where you are, Gwen can reach out and connect with students through both her love of animals and her first-hand knowledge of what it is like to be a successful writer. She was organized, creative, and made me wonder if she didn’t have some experience as a teacher herself! I plan to request another session for our students in the future!

Susan Hopper, 5th grade teacher, Hillsborough Virtual School

We are so thankful to Gwen for presenting to our class virtually during the Great American Teach-In Week. The videos and pictures she shared were so much fun for them to see, and they especially enjoyed getting to meet a Real Author! The presentation was engaging and informative. I have ordered my copy of the Finn Chronicles and cannot wait to share it with my students. Thank you so much, Ms. Gwen!

Lora Laneve, 3rd Grade Teacher , Hillsborough Elementary, Florida
I have been working with my class for the past few weeks TRYING to convince them that WRITING IS FUN! Enter Gwen and Finn! Everyone was VERY EXCITED about this workshop! EVEN the parents! and Gwen and Finn did NOT disappoint! I was absolutely AMAZED how they were riveted throughout this entire workshop!  Gwen was absolutely keyed in to how to read her audience! She knew EXACTLY when to include the students so they could participate! they also had PLENTY of opportunities to answer questions, ask questions, AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, tell Gwen and Finn all about THEIR pets! Before I shared any feedback, I wanted to ask “the experts”. the children RAVED about this workshop! they loved meeting Finn “live”, getting to know him a little through his crazy antics on video, and hearing all about children THEIR AGE who have published their OWN books. The children could NOT WAIT to write all about their own pets the next day! Gwen and Finn even offer an ongoing communication with any student who would like to email their stories or artwork in the future.  I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this workshop to ANYONE TRYING to inspire young writers! Gwen was able to accomplish in one hour what I have been trying to accomplish for weeks!
Kimberly Lewis, Lewis & Clark Montessori Charter School, Damascus, Oregon

Gwen and Finnegan Count Smooshie Tushie, visited my fourth grade zoom class last week; and it was a delightful, educational experience for all! Gwen was so engaging, which led my students to remain connected, excited and intrigued during her entire presentation.  Gwen was personable and patient with my class; her presentation was so well prepared and relevant.  It is obvious she has an incredible love for both children and dogs!  Thank you for teaching and challenging my students that you can be an author at any age.

Tara Pistar, 4th Grade Teacher, Gaithersburg Elementary School, Maryland