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If you’d like a custom-inscribed pawtographed copy, please go to the shop here. These books make fabulous gifts and inspire kids to read more. Finn’s humor is funny and irreverent with a great mix of adult and kid-level humor. Please be aware that the word “Hell” appears in book one (a reference to Dante’s Inferno).

Click here to help your child submit their writing challenge, illustrating challenge and/or coloring page picture. Finn will reply with some encouragement and fun!

Schools & Teachers:

Finn and I would be happy to connect virtually to inspire your students! Contact me about the different ways we use multi-media methods to motivate students to consider being a creator (author, illustrator, photographer, artist and more), understand more about creating personas and storylines, learn about the publishing industry, and hear about kids just like them who’ve written and published award-winning books. Along the way they’ll even learn about dog rescue and how to interact safely with dogs. Just drop me a note to start a conversation about what would work best for your students. If you’re in an underprivileged or underrepresented community school, I will gladly waive my honorarium fee.

Lexile Ratings:

The Finn Chronicles: Year One: 810L-1000L

The Finn Chronicles: Year Two: 810L-1000L

How to Train Your Hooman, A Field Guide: 810L-1000L