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My full name is Finnegan Count Smooshie Tushie, but only my hoomans call me that… and usually only when I’m in trouble! I graduated from K9 Rescue Academy in March 2018 and got my hooman rescue assignments. They’re a pawfull, but I’ve come to love them.

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One of the Funniest Diaries You’ll Ever Read!

I first came across The Finn Chronicles as a series of Facebook posts and was immediately hooked. I don’t use Facebook for much, but reading Finn’s updates was something my whole family grew love. Gwen is a fantastic writer, and has a gift for translating Finn’s world into a hilarious soliloquy, as he reports on his daily life, rituals, food explorations, adventures and temper tantrums. You will quickly fall in love with this bold, moody, opinionated dog & his wonderful people. It’s a must read for any dog lover!

Julie G.

Entertaining Read!

You MUST purchase this book! Funny, touching and poignant. Finn’s never ending journey to train his hoomans is a delightful read. Highly recommended!

Jill S.
Must Read!

Finn’s weekly letters back to the K9 Academy are hilarious and a must read. Follow him as he does his best to train his rescue hoomans, with sometimes unexpected and less than stellar results. Every week is a new adventure and not to be missed. While reading his adventures, I have more than a few times spit out my favorite drink and rolled on the floor laughing my head off. If you pass this book up, you are missing a rollicking good read.

Pauli S.

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You’re On Your Own Lady

By |June 6th, 2020|Categories: hoomans|

Hi everyone. Finn here with my Week 3 report. I’ve implemented my next phase of mind control on these hoomans. I like to randomly bark and growl at nothing in the corners of rooms and in the dark outside. I go full stripe-up, growl, and freak out with anxiety. This makes The Squishy One anxious about ghosts, and she tries to distract me with treats and toys. #Sucka Speaking of The Squishy One, I gave her 24 hours of full Finn-favorite status. She lapped it upppp!  There was so much cuddling [...]

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