I made my hoomans add my favorite things here so you could easily find them and order for yourself. If you purchase from the Amazon links, I might receive a small commission, but I promise that these are only products that we truly love!


I get a lot of questions about my wardrobe! Here are my faves.

Link to Harness


Mommy says this is the only harness I’ve not been able to Houdini out of. I just like the way the colors bring out my eyes. I’ve got one for every season!


Mommy says that so far I haven’t Houdinied out of this one either. Do you like scoring discounts on high-quality dog stuff and doing good at the same time? Finn is now a member of #thepack for a do-gooding company called Pack Leashes. They donate meals to shelter dogs in Colorado & Florida with every purchase made!

Promo code “IMWITHFINN” gets 20% off


We’ve found the “IF IT BARKS” collars to be our favorite collars. Lots of color combinations, lightweight and you can engrave the plastic connector with name and telephone number to avoid jingling jangling tags hanging down!


I bought this for me and my bestie above the restie, my hairy one, my favorite hooman – daddy. Spoiler alert: he loved it.


I find it best to keep your hoomans on a short leash when walking. You never know what kind of trouble you’re gonna have to save them from! We like it because it’s sturdy but still soft.

Good Dog Bandana

For the good dog in your life


Um, yeah, so, about this item…PLEASE, for the love of dog do not buy this!


This is the best fitting cozy turtleneck I’ve ever owned. Easy on and off and washable.


Canada Pooch makes nice lightweight jammies/t shirts that come in very specific sizes to help them not hang or be baggy. They are pricey but great quality. She’s also found some nice jackets on there for me. They sell and ship into the U.S


Mommy finds most of my matching holiday jammies for me and daddy at Target (start looking in November!)


Weighing in at 40lbs or so, I wear an XL and they are snug. We love these light weight fleece jammies! Perfect for snuggling. And so many fabrics to pick from. I love my llama pajamas best!

My other measurements:

Chest barrel – 24 – 25″

Length (back of head to butt) – 21″

Height (floor to top of shoulder) – 22″

Neck circumference – 17.5″


We love these FINN supplements, and not just because they have the best name! I love them so much I signed up to be a #FriendsOfFinn Ambassador! And that scores you a discount!! Use my promo code when you order and save some money for extra treats later! We like Finn not just for their yummy products, but they are also good hoomans. Finn teams up with animal rescue shelters to donate product and portions of their sales to helping pups in need!! They manufacture their soft chews in a US-based, current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) facility that is FDA-registered and certified with the National Animal Supplements Council (NASC). They source the highest quality human-grade, organic, non-gmo ingredients and there’s no palm oil or fillers in there. They provide detailed ingredients and safety information on their website that makes my hooman feel more comfortable.

20% off with Promo Code: FINNCHRONICLES20

Shop Now: https://www.petfinn.com/


These are yummy and mommy says they make my breath nicer!


Cod skins are great for my skin and smell deliciously stinky! These are light and crispy.


This is how she makes my birthday cakes. I LOOOOOVE THEM!


These chicken treats are delicious and natural – huge bag for me to raid from!


These delicious healthy chews last me a few weeks. They taste better if your hooman holds them steady for you. Then when the end piece is too small you can microwave them into an amazing cronchy cheese poof! No waste and so yummy.


The Piggle

Unlike other cloth toys, the Piggle was created to meet the foraging, mental exercise, and sensory stimulation needs all dogs have. It’s the secret science sauce that makes fur babies everywhere love our little piggie, instead of destroying it.

Buy at:


CAPTAIN DUCKY IS MY FAVORITE!!!!! He’s soft in all the right places and has flappy things to chew on


Everyone needs a lambchop. It’s a rule.


This chewable toy has survived in our house a few years and still looks new.  Mommy says it smells wonderful because of some special scent in the rubber (not like decaying fish like my other toys.)


I like chew toys with little massaging nubbies. They help keep my teeth clean and stimulate my gums. They are my favorites!


This one is an extra-large pink ball that squeaks!

Football shaped with squeaker

Bone shape for when I’m feeling extra fun

Stuff to Read

Training rescued hoomans is a stressful job, but somedoggy has to do it. The Finn Chronicles is a unique story told by an extraordinary dog. He’s irreverent, funny, and full of sass. Based on his real life, join Finn as he issues weekly reports back to K9 Rescue Headquarters on the strange behaviors and rituals of his rescue-hoomans. With sarcastic wit, he observes the curious world around him, heroically saves his unwitting hoomans from dangers (see also: evil electric toothbrush), and shares his musings about the often-lackluster level of service he feels he receives. With bonus content like links to Finn’s social media and videos, you’ll get to see this vocal and energetic dog in action. You’re sure to fall in love with Finn, his hilarious facial expressions, his tantrums and even his dim-witted hoomans. This is the light-hearted and funny read we need in these not so light-hearted times. Don’t miss your chance to fall in love with Finn and follow him on social media for year round laughs and love!

Finn Merch

Get Genuine Finn Merchandise from Spreadshop


Stuff for Book Lovers

Rae Dunn Notebook

Just One More Chapter Linen Pillow Cover

Women’s Booknerd Soft Hoodie

Just One More Chapter Grey Pillow Cover

TILISMA Book Page Holder -Handmade Natural Walnut Thumb Bookmark

Bookmarks Are For Quitters Camp Style Mug

Wicked Witch Legs Bookmark

3D Squished Cartoon Animal Bookmarks for Kids (2 piece)

3D Wacky Animals Bookmarks for Kids (8 piece)

Geometric Magnetic Bookmark Set (24 piece)

Ocean Waves Magnetic Bookmark Set (10 piece)

White Shhhh I’m Reading Socks

Women’s Fuzzy Comfy Shhhh I’m Reading Socks (multiple colors available)

LED Booklight Neck Huggie

Danya B Small Iron Sculpture

Greatest First Lines of Literature Mug

Library Books Quilted Throw 50×65”

Stuff for Dog Lovers

“I’m only talking to my dog today” T-Shirt

Travel Mug

Sketchers Shoe

Dog Mom Life is Ruff T-shirt

Hilarious Book for Dog Lovers

Wipe Your Paws Mat

Dog Mom Life is Ruff tote

Dog Mom Necklace

Dog Mom Necklace

Dog Mom Wine Glass

Hold my drink Hat

Dog Fart Candle

Stuff for Dad

SassyCups Best Dad Ever Tumbler

Best Dog Dad Ever Whiskey/Wine Glass

Best Dad Ever Coffee Mug

Life is Good Adult Baseball Cap

Photo Collage Throw Blanket

Funny Dog Dad Old Fashioned Glass

Other Stuff

We just got ours and love it! The small one is perfect for my smaller areas and feels like a massage. I fell asleep last night while Mommy has working on my neck and back. It’s amazing how much hair comes out of the undercoat!

This slow feeder bowl is the only one I haven’t managed to flip over yet! But, I’m still working on it.

This lick mat has the nubbies I love and keeps me busy for hours. Mommy smears with peanut butter or sunflower seed butter and lets me go wild. Sometimes she freezes it to extend the fun! It’s rubber and low profile so it stays on the floor and doesn’t move much while I lick.

My paws get dry sometimes and Floof is just the thing for a soothing pawdicure! I catch her rubbing it on her own heels and elbows sometimes, too! It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a residue.  Use the image below to receive $10 off.

This Wondercide stuff helps keep the ticks and other yuckies off me when we go hiking. It’s non-toxic and even safe for hoomans!

I used these doorbells to train my hoomans when to take me outside.

Everyone likes to feel special especially on their special day!

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Favorite Rescues

Dog rescue is one of the most demanding, exhausting, emotionally and financially draining jobs in the world. The need is never ending and the there’s rarely a break. These amazing rescues have Finn’s personal stamp of approval. The squishy one has volunteered for the outstanding crew at CWVRG, seen the work of Airsong’s Angels up close and personal, and can vouch for all the organizations listed here. If you’d like to make a donation to any of these hard-working outfits, please follow the link to their website. Every dollar helps like you can’t imagine. We personally know and trust the heroes at:

Airsong’s Angels, Inc. is an all-volunteer, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and Georgia State Licensed Animal Rescue dedicated to improving the lives of the vizslas in their care by: bringing them current on vaccinations, attending to their medical and behavioral needs, providing for spay/neuter, and carefully rehoming them into loving, furever families. https://airsongsangelsinc.org/

Colorado/Wyoming Vizsla Rescue Group, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and Colorado State Licensed Animal Rescue officially formed in 2007. Their mission is to protect the Vizsla who has been abandoned or abused. They offer additional support to humane shelters or animal rescue organizations that handle stray or surrendered Vizslas in need of care due to natural disasters or other emergencies. Their coverage area includes: Colorado, Wyoming, western Kansas, western Nebraska, and New Mexico – but generously assist and support other states when the need arises. https://www.coloradovizsla.org/

Conestoga Vizsla Club (CVC) New Beginnings is a Virginia-based non-profit rescue group that helps Vizslas in need, primarily in the VA, MD, DE, and DC region. https://cvcweb.org/Rescue


New Hope Vizsla Rescue is a Pennsylvania-based Vizsla rescue group organized in 2010 to help Vizslas in need, generally in the PA, NJ, DE and MD region, but also in conjunction with other Vizsla rescue groups and locations as necessary. They believe that Vizslas have the intelligence and motivation to start over again; and NHVR has helped countless dogs successfully find new forever homes. They are a non-profit group with a network of volunteers committed to helping Vizsla lovers help Vizslas in need. https://newhopevizslarescue.com/

Cane Rosso Rescue is a Dallas, TX-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds and building awareness for dogs in need of homes in Texas. The goal of Cane Rosso Rescue is to find homes for dogs that have been abandoned at shelters or whose owners can no longer care for them. We are looking for fosters, adopters, and volunteers to halp transport dogs to their future homes. Donations are accepted via Paypal to rescue@canerosso.com to assist with medical care and other expenses that come with saving these dogs. https://www.canerossorescue.org/