Hooman In Training Tote Bag – Pre-order


This product will be for sale until June 15, 2023. If the minimum number of orders are achieved by that date, the order will be processed. You will not be charged until the order is processed

Lightweight Polyester Finn Tote

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This lightweight polyester tote is perfect for tucking into your car, purse, bag, or even pocket.  It warns onlookers that you’re still a novice dog-servant with “Hooman in Training” on one side and Finn’s judgy face on the other. This tote is available for “pre-order” only because we have to hit a minimum order quantity to snag this price. That means you won’t be charged and orders won’t be processed until we hit the minimum quantity required by the vendor (50).

You will not be charged unless or until we hit the minimum quantity required to proceed with the order. Woof.

Dimensions: 14 3/4″ W x 13 1/2″ H, Bottom Gusset 4 1/2″ W, Straps 21″


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